Health From Nature

Enjoy handmade The Soap Factory products produced with traditional methods.

Natural Products

All products are handmade and are produced by natural and herbal ingredients.These ingredients are mixed in appropriate proportions for human health and according to their area of usage.Then, the mixtures are turned into The Soap Factory products. At last, all of our products are packaged for you with care and love.

Environmentally Friendly Production

Respecting the environment and animal rights are our number one priority, we attach great importance to this in our facilities and each step of the production. Since natural and herbal ingredients are used in production, the surrounding of the facilities is green and clean. In this way, the benefit for everyone from the first stage of production to the moment of usage is in the first place.

Thousands of Years of Experience

Our soaps contain ingredients that have been used in cosmetics for thousands of years, such as donkey milk, laurel, olive oil, terebinth and rose petals. Boiling method, cold process method and other traditional methods are used at every stage of production. While applying these methods, the most advanced means of technology are assisted and the production is made by hand.

Why Herbal Soaps?

The most suitable cleaning and care materials for humans, who are a part of the nature, are also hidden in the treasures of nature. We should give importance to caring ourselves while doing our cleaning, which is the indispensable part of our lives.
Silk Collection

Our Silk Collection soaps are produced by cold process method without boiling.Thus, the nutritional properties of natural and herbal ingredients are preserved, and they provide an excellent care for human skin and hair.

Classic Collection

These soaps are produced by boiling method, a method that has been applied since the first invention of soap. It has a wide range of varieties from Terebinth and Laurel Soaps to Juniper Tar to Donkey Milk Soaps.

Glycerine Collection

These soaps are named after large amount of natural Glycerine (is a natural byproduct of soap) it contains.The most important feature of Glycerin is; its extraordinary moisturizing effect. Dizzying with its colorful appearance and magnificent floral scents.

Natural Loofah Soaps

These soaps provide a real spa experience at home. It is produced by pouring glycerine soaps with flower and fruit extracts on natural loofah slices. It offers a relaxing massage and pleasant fragrance in the bathroom.

Artisan Soaps

Artisan Soaps that impress with their special designs offer aesthetic options.Thanks to their elaborate designs, these soaps create a pleasant decoration effect when not in use. This collection offers you a wide range of products from Pink Clay Soap to Charcoal-Goat Milk and Sulfur Soaps.

Natural Bath Salts

Natural bath salts give your skin health and offer you a perfect bath experience with their foams. Sea salt, epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, English carbonate, various herbs and aromatic oils are combined in these bottles.