Beauty from Nature

Enjoy the handmade The Soap Factory products, crafted using traditional methods.


Enjoy the experience of handmade The Soap Factory products, produced using traditional methods.

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Why The Soap Factory?

The Soap Factory employs traditional methods in soap production, basing its products on beneficial oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. This approach not only provides effectiveness in facial and body cleansing but also meets the moisture needs of the skin. With a variety suitable for every skin type, you can easily find the soap you're looking for at The Soap Factory.

Careful and Meticulous Formulation

The Soap Factory products are handmade and prepared with natural ingredients. Each product is formulated in balanced proportions to best suit human health and intended use. All of our products are carefully packaged before reaching you.

Eco-Friendly Production

In the production and composition of our products, we prioritize animal rights and also adopt eco-friendly practices in our facilities. Thanks to our products made with plant-based ingredients, the surroundings of our facilities remain green and clean. Thus, we consider it a duty to nature to embrace goodness for both people and the environment at every stage of our production process.

Harmony of Technology with Traditions

Our soaps are enriched with precious ingredients such as donkey milk, laurel, olive oil, bıttım (wild pistachio), and rose petals, which have been favored in the history of cosmetics for thousands of years. During every stage of the production process, traditional methods like boiling are used alongside cold processing techniques. Meanwhile, we preserve the value of handcrafting while utilizing the advantages offered by modern technology.